The Amazing Lola

This picture of Lola is amazing! Lola is a two and a half year old Parsons Russell terrier. Lola and I (her human mom) had taken obedience classes locally when Lola was about a year old. We learned basic manners. A little before turning two, Lola learned a new trick…. darting out the front door, or any other door whenever possible, and then running as fast as she could from everyone! We were at the end of our rope with Lola. Then a kind friend gave me Robin’s name and number. After just one session with Robin things were much better. After two sessions with Robin our friends and
family couldn’t believe this was really Lola. Robin not only helped with training Lola, she taught me a whole new set of skills! I truly can’t thank Robin enough, she helped us to really like and enjoy our dog again. Oh yeah, what’s amazing about this picture???


The front door is wide open.

— Lynn and Lola

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