Special needs rabbits

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Blind rabbits

The following contain more information about blind rabbit care.

Below are some more discussions about caring for blind rabbits.

Deaf rabbits

Below are some useful articles for owners of rabbits that are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Here are some useful discussions about deaf bunnies:

Physically-disabled rabbits


The following are some case studies about lame rabbits and the decision to amputate a limb or not:

More Diaper Information:


Information and examples of where to obtain carts and wheelchairs along with custom DIY examples and plans for carts and wheelchairs for your rabbit:

Tripod rabbits

Tripod rabbits are bunnies that have had a limb amputated for various reasons.

The following are some more resources about limb loss in rabbits:

Here are some stories about rabbits that have had a limb amputated.

The following are some discussions about tripod bunnies.

The following are some tripod bunny pages.

Cold Laser Therapy


In some cases, rabbits can do very well with hydrotherapy. These facilities are specifically designed for small animals and the staff is expertly trained to deal with rabbits in and around water.

More information on hydrotherapy for rabbits:

Online communities

Below are some online communities geared towards special needs rabbits that you can join.

Further reading

The following are videos of some disabled rabbits:

Below are related link collections.

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