32 Things You Should Avoid at a Garage Sale


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Laptops, e-readers, tablets, or mp3 players are more likely to be dropped, knocked around, and spilled on, simply because they’re out in the world. A desktop computer sits (mostly) safe at home, but even that would likely cost more to upgrade than buy new. Finally, here’s what you need to know about recycling old computers.

12 Annoying Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Real Life

Addressing other people

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How often do you say someone’s name during a conversation? Possibly once at the beginning when you greet each other and maybe once at the end, right? You may just make eye contact, start talking, and then say, “Alright, see ya.” But if you’re talking to Ashley in a movie, you need to let Ashley know that you’re here for her if she ever needs anything, Ashley, and that she is going to survive this breakup because you know what, Ashley? She is one tough cookie, Ashley is, and her friends love her, Ashley. OK? OK. Bye, Ashley.

17 Things You Never Knew About Arlington National Cemetery

The cemetery grounds once belonged to George Washington’s family member

A soldier of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) walks through headstones as he works during "Flags In," at Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Va. Soldiers are placing nearly a quarter of a million American flags at the headstones in the cemetery in a Memorial Day traditionAP/REX/Shutterstock

George Washington Parke Custis, the first president’s adopted grandson, originally owned Arlington estate, which is now the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. He toyed with naming the 1,100-acre tract of land Mount Washington in honor of his beloved grandfather, but he chose Arlington, the name of the Custis family estate in Virginia. But Custis didn’t forget to honor his presidential grandfather’s legacy. Instead of naming an estate after him, he built the Arlington House to memorialize George Washington, a mansion that still stands on the present-day cemetery grounds.

15 Life Lessons That You Can’t Live Without

It’s OK to hurt

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“After I miscarried my first baby at four months, I was devastated. All I heard from everyone was you can have another baby, get over it, time heals all wounds, etc. My mother had the best advice. She said, ‘Honey, time does heal all wounds, but 
remember that a scar will remain. 
All you need to do is take your finger and gently rub that scar. That will 
be the link to your baby, and you will know that love is all around you.’ Mom let me know that I wasn’t 
going crazy missing my baby. My mom had the experience of losing not one child but two. Her second child (18 months old) died in her arms on the way to the hospital, and the next day she miscarried her third baby. I was her fourth baby.” —Lois Schyvinck, Janesville, Wisconsin. You’ll want to read these inspirational quotes to help you get through the morning.

10 Billionaires Share Their Definition of Success

Mark Cuban

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“To me, the definition of success is waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing it’s going to be a great day. I mean, I was happy and felt like I was successful when I was poor, living six guys in a three-bedroom apartment and sleeping on the floor. I was going to work hard to get somewhere, but I was having fun.” —Mark Cuban, entrepreneur (Net worth: 3.4 billion)

15 of the Best Vacation Spots for Summer Travel in the U.S.

Best historic beach vacation: Cape May, New Jersey


The lovely Cape May, New Jersey, is a quaint, Victorian town that boasts year-round activities, such as a food and wine festival, a winery that hosts tastings, and a bird observatory, making it one of the best vacation spots for summer travel. In addition to a beautiful beach, visitors can view the town from atop a restored lighthouse, built in 1865. There are over 600 preserved historical buildings in Cape May, and visitors may find themselves being transported in time as they ride the trolley tour through the historic district. In the evening, take a ghost tour and learn who haunts the beaches.

The median weekly rate for a two-bedroom rental in July in Cape May is $1,675.