Nola and the Baby

IMG_2181Nola and BabyJuly 2015

We adopted Nola when she was eight months old.  By the third day, we realized that she had some significant fear issues and was very reactive to people.  Shortly thereafter, we contacted Robin for help with her issues and worked with Nola through private lessons with Robin. Since then, Nola has formed wonderful relationships with both people and other dogs.

Nola has a strong herding instinct and has previously demonstrated reactivity toward small children.  A year ago,  my husband and I learned we were going to become grandparents. We were concerned about Nola being around the baby.  Robin met with us and provided a program on how to prepare her for the grand baby’s arrival.

Following Robin’s advice, we were amazed how Nola bonded to our grand baby.  Being attentive to the baby became her “new job” – Nola became a nanny!   My husband and I are incredibly proud of Nola and grateful that she has adjusted so well to life and to our precious grandson. Thank you, Robin!  – John and Cindy

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