9 Productive Ways to Make the Most Out of Getting Fired

Ask for a promotion


Here’s a variation on your preemptive dodge-the-ax strategy. If you decide that you’re so dissatisfied with your job that resigning is the best solution, your next move is to march straight into the boss’s office—not to say you’re leaving but to air your grievances. Say how you feel, state clearly what you want and ask what plans, if any, the company really has for your future in the company. Voicing your desires provides a context when you do give notice and may even help to make what you’re seeking much clearer in your own mind, as you look for a new job. Sometimes an employer has no idea that you have any difficulties with your job and, if your work is satisfactory and valued, may make an effort to accommodate your concerns. You may end up not resigning after all. If you’re not valued enough for them to do that, then you’ll know that your decision to leave was certainly the right one. Make sure you never, ever say these things to your boss.

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