9 Corny Spanish Jokes That Will Help You Learn Spanish

Don’t forget your coat!

Corny-Spanish-Jokes-that-Will-Help-You-Learn-SpanishTatiana Ayazo/Rd.com

“Hijo, por que vienes ebrio?” (“Son, why did you come home drunk?”)

“Mamá, pero tu me dijiste EMBRIAGATE?” (Mom, but you told me, “Get yourself intoxicated??”)

Te dijé abrígate, imbécil, abrígate!” (I said, “Wear a coat, idiot, wear a coat!”)

This one exemplifies the ever-important command tense in Spanish. It delightfully confuses the unlikely usage of embriagate, the second-person imperative conjugation of embriagar (to get drunk) with abrígate, the second-person imperative conjugation of abrigar (to put on a coat).

In English, it could be:

“Son, why did you come home drunk”?

“Mom, but you told me to INTOXICATE myself?”

“I said, insulate yourself, idiot, not intoxicate!”

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