14 Funny April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Parents

Turn your tap water weird colors

Make your parents worry about the water quality with this harmless prank. Use a cotton swab to wipe gel food coloring around the rim of the faucet spout, right where the water comes out. (Choose red for a particularly spooky touch!) Then watch and wait for them to freak out when they fill up their glass. Here’s how April Fool’s got started.

Swap the sugar and salt

Cup of coffee with sugar on wooden tableMelica/ShutterstockIf your parents drink their coffee or tea with a touch of sugar, replace the sweetener in their sugar bowl with salt for a not-so-sweet surprise. (Note: Don’t forget to replace it before you need a little sugar for your oatmeal!)

Power down the remotes

Man using remote control to switch channels. Close up hand holding apple tv remotejorik/ShutterstockTake the batteries out of every remote in the house to make it impossible to change the channel. (Bonus points if you switch the TV to your favorite channel before you shut it down.) Try these April Fool’s Day pranks on your co-workers.


Seal off their shampoo

Stretch wrapping film on wooden surfaceSwapan Photography/ShutterstockGet them into a lather in the shower by sealing off their shampoo, conditioner or body wash. To do this, unscrew the cap and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle opening before you screw the lid back on. They’ll have no idea why they can’t get their cleaning products out.

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Turn everything upside down

white wall with photos of the family in various photo framesOndroM/ShutterstockSneak downstairs before your parents get up, and set all the small objects in the house (picture frames, clocks, books, and other doodads) upside down or backward. You can also turn jackets and other items inside out.

Surprise them with a spider

If one of your family members is freaked out about creepy crawlies, this April Fool’s joke will definitely get a reaction. Unroll the toilet paper slightly, and draw a creepy spider a few sheets in with a marker. Roll it back up, and wait for your victim to get a surprise.

Create your own (fake) cracked screen

Broken white mobile / cell phone / smartphone on wooden background with copy space.photopsist/ShutterstockIf you have your own smartphone or tablet, you can really get your parents fooled by pretending your screen has been cracked. You can download images or even find online apps that will make your screen look like it’s shattered. Your parents will totally be relieved when you scream “April Fool’s.” Try these computer pranks on your friends.

Switch out their underwear

Woman folding clothes into chest of drawers closeupAfrica Studio/ShutterstockMake getting ready in the morning a little more challenging by switching the underwear from one person’s drawers to another family member’s. (It’s especially funny if you put a kid’s teeny pair of underwear into the biggest family member’s dresser.)

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Tinker with their drinks

food coloring bottles meant to suggest diversity.Christy Thompson/ShutterstockThere are a few different ways you can bring a little April Fool’s fun to your drinks. Try hiding a little food coloring beneath some ice cubes—so when you pour in water or another drink, you’ll get a colorful beverage. Or create a creepy ice cube by freezing a plastic bug into an ice cube, and slipping it into their drink.

Upgrade your framed photos

Fathers day composition - photo album with a black and white photos. Studio shot on wooden background.Halfpoint/Shutterstock

Looking for a more subtle prank to pull on your parents? Print out (or snip out) pictures of your favorite characters or cartoons, and replace your family photos with these silly shots. (Let’s see how long it takes for your parents to see that Harry Potter has replaced you in the portrait.)

Help them learn a new language

Color settings on modern tv screen - settings for contrast, brightness, sharpness, eco mode and noise reductionHadrian/ShutterstockSwap the settings on the TV or their phone so they see everything in Spanish or French instead of English. (Then maybe they can help you with your language homework too!)

Make a splash

Rubber Bands and a Rubber Band BallFabrikaSimf/ShutterstockThis one is an oldie, but a goodie: Use a rubber band on the sink sprayer handle to keep it pressed down. When the next unsuspecting person goes to turn on the faucet, your prank will make a big splash as the sprayer soaks them. Don’t miss these shocking pranks and hoaxes throughout history.

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Create a sticky situation

masking tape on the tablegmstockstudio/ShutterstockIf your parents constantly ask you to replace the roll of toilet paper, here’s the perfect opportunity to do it—but with something funny. Put a roll of duck tape on the holder instead of toilet paper.

Stop the mouse in its tracks

White wireless mouse on a round mouse pad on a wooden surfaceColin Hui/ShutterstockStick a Post-It or a piece of clear tape over the tracking ball on the computer mouse to keep it from moving. Watch your parents’ confusion as they try to figure out why their computer’s on the fritz. Try these Facebook pranks on your friends.


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