10 Printable Easter Cards and Gift Tags Everyone Will Love

Polka dot printable Easter cards


Dress up a baked gift with this sweet pastel card, and use the blank inside to write out the recipe. When you’re done, try out of these 30 Easter crafts to brighten up your home.

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Baby chick printable Easter cards


You’ll “peep” up someone’s spirits with this cheery card.

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Easter chick gift tags

Printable-Easter-Cards-and-Gift-Tags-to-Add-to-Your-Easter-Baskets-this-SpringRomanova Ekaterina/Shutterstock

Punch a hole at the top of these cute tags, insert a colorful ribbon, and then dangle one from an Easter basket. You can also use the tag for place settings; just write your guest’s name and tie around a napkin.

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Easter egg gift tags

Printable-Easter-Cards-and-Gift-Tags-to-Add-to-Your-Easter-Baskets-this-SpringKsenia Lokko/Shutterstock

Punch out a hole and use to decorate Easter baskets or place settings.

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Easter egg coloring pages


Print these eggs, and color them in. You can use as place settings (write your guest’s name at the top), or have everyone color one and use in a centerpiece. Don’t miss these 18 entertaining Easter games for kids.

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Kids’ basket adhesive card


Print this card onto adhesive paper and stick it onto your kid’s Easter basket or gift.

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Floral Easter name tags

Printable-Easter-Cards-and-Gift-Tags-to-Add-to-Your-Easter-Baskets-this-SpringKsenia Lokko/ShutterstockMake sure your dinner party is ready for spring with these floral placeholders.

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“Happy Spring” printable Easter cards


Send your friends and family season’s greetings with these printable Easter cards. Use the inside to update them on important family events and milestones.

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Printable Easter bunny coloring page

Printable-Easter-Cards-and-Gift-Tags-to-Add-to-Your-Easter-Baskets-this-SpringKsenya Savva /Shutterstock

Keep kids busy by handing out this fun coloring page at the beginning of your get-together.

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Family photo printable Easter cards

Printable-Easter-Cards-and-Gift-Tags-to-Add-to-Your-Easter-Baskets-this-SpringArtDesign Illustration/Shutterstock

Add a family photo to the front of this Easter card for a personal touch. Bonus points if you’re wearing your Easter bonnets!

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